Tips - Caramel Sauce


Follow these tips to become the Queen of Caramel.

​​​​​​Watch in awe as golden brown sugar caramelises and bubbles transforming into a deliciously smooth, thick caramel sauce.


  • We love using CSR Brown Sugar for that ideal dark, rich colour and deeper caramel flavour.


  • Remember to use a larger pot than you think you’ll need, as the sauce will bubble and using a larger pot means any hot sauce will be contained as it cooks. Using a large, heavy based pot will be safer and give you more control.


  • Please don’t be tempted to taste the caramel sauce until it is cool.


  • Make sure your saucepan is clean so there are no impurities in the sauce. They’ll cause the sugar to crystallise and ruin the caramel.


  • Once the sugar is all wet after a couple of stirs, stop stirring right away to prevent crystallisation. Instead, carefully tilt the pan to mix everything together and prevent burning.


Now it's time to try for yourself!